You Are Chronically Tired? This Is The Right Recipe For You

Because of retention toxins in the body,we are constantly tired and we have problems with circulation.
In order not to linger toxins in the body, it is necessary to occasionally “clean.”
All you need is garlic and homemade red wine. This medicinal beverage cleans the blood, removes excess fat from the body and accelerates metabolism.

Ingredients:[the_ad id=”170″]

12 cloves garlic
½ liter of red wine (preferably homemade)


Clean the garlic, chop it in quarters and place in a glass bowl. Add the wine and close tightly container (bottle).
Keep container two weeks of light (solar) place. Daily shake it to mix the ingredients.
After two weeks, strain the mixture and place it in a new glass bottle.
Consume one teaspoon three times a day for a month.
garlicThis is a strong drink for strengthening the blood and cleansing the body, and therefore consume it with a break of 6 months between the two treatments.