Why You Should Eat Eggs Every Day. You Won’t Believe The Results!

Even though there are a variety of people who prefer the vegetarian, vegan, and paleo diet, eating eggs is one of the most critical parts of a persons diet when it comes to getting the best out of your food. Eating eggs everyday can do wonders for your health and if you’re worried about cholesterol, do not fret. Eggs contain 181-187 mg. of cholesterol, while your liver is producing about 1000-2000mg. of cholesterol per day.

Eating eggs will not spike your cholesterol levels but instead replacing a cholesterol with a different cholesterol. Other than that, eating eggs is more than important to anyone’s diet!

  1. Bones[the_ad id=”170″] Since eggs contain calcium and vitamin D, they are the perfect source to strengthen your bones as they develop with your workout routines. Vitamin D will also naturally improve your body’s absorption of calcium.

    2. Nutrients

    eggAside from the physical building power that eggs have, they are loaded with a variety of nutrients that your body needs in order to grow. They are filled with iron, folate, riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamin A, E, B6, selenium, magnesium. Eggs really are one of the best foods you could ever have in your diet.

    3. Muscles
    Eating eggs is also good for building more muscles. Consuming two eggs can provide your body with the same amount of protein of one serving of meat without ever having to expose yourself to the acidity and fat of the meat.