Try THIS And Get Rid Of Annoying Foot Blister


Blisters are the most painful and annoying thing. They make your day worse. Whenever you wear new shoes, there is a new blister on your feet. It’s good if you haven’t suffered yet, but if you’re the unfortunate sufferer who experiences the foot sores, then go through these simple steps down here for a quick recovery.

1. Preventive Measures

Blisters are caused by wearing new footwears for longer periods without any break. You can choose a soft shoe for your feet.They are also caused by excessive scraping and rubbing.

2. Steps to treat a blister

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  Start with cleaning the affected area with warm water.

3. Pop or not to pop a blister


4. Sterilize and Bandage

Don’t remove the loose coat that covers the blister. Disinfect it along with the loose skin with antiseptic and then cover it with a clean bandage. Allow it to heal.


5. Cover the blistered area

Use a less sticky or non-sticky dressing if possible as this will be easier to change without disturbing the healing skin underneath. You can use moleskin, bandage or other protective covers.