The Nordic Diet: Easiest way to lose weight! Try it now

The Nordic Diet is nothing if not hearty. Its filling and delicious meals are built around a variety of fatty fishes, like salmon and herring.

And meat lovers, don’t worry.. You won’t be required to give up your favorite staple. Just substitute fattier choices, like ground beef, for lean red meat, like bison, according to Uusitupa. Cutting back on milk fat, like butter, and watching your salt and sugar intake are important tenets of the diet, too.


Read how to practice this diet, especially if you don’t live in one of the five Nordic countries:

  • Buy local, organic and seasonal produce.
  • Eat lots of responsibly caught fish.
  • Avoid pre-packaged meals and food additives.
  • Consume only small portions of meat, free-range, sticking to lean and grass-fed options whenever possible.
  • Focus on whole foods: whole grains, including oatmeal, rye, barley and whole wheat, along with whole seeds, beans, nuts and foraged foods.

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Here’s a list of some of the staples

  • Root vegetables (beets, carrots, turnips)
  • Wild, lean game meat like elk
  • Calciferous vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli)
  • Dark leafy greens (spinach,kale)
  • Pears and apples
  • Fatty fish like salmon and herring
  • Foraged foods (fiddle-heads, chanterelles, wild mushrooms)
  • Legumes such as seeds, beans  and lentils
  • Rapeseed (canola oil)
  • Whole grains, especially rye, oats, and barley
  • Berries