Read why red onion is good for you!

Some people hate it because of its smell but some love the red onion. Then again, its health benefits are stunning! It is better to be eaten raw, on the grounds that cooking it reduces its capacities. There are many combinations with red onion, and also, for lunch, you can eat it as a side dish. These are several reasons why red onion is good for your health.

Red onions have a very low Glycemic Index rating (10),low calories,vitamin C and vitamin B6. They are made of carbohydrates and water and contain zero fat.

Controls diabetes

Red onion accelerate the creation of insulin. In case you’re diabetic, eat some onions.

Nose bleeds

Raw onions can stop bleeding from the nose if you smell them or eat.

Cures constipation

The onion’s fibers assist with constipation.  They take the poisons out of your intestines.

Controls cholesterol levels

Raw onions reduce the bad cholesterol and control the cholesterol levels.

Help with sore throat

You can make juice with that helps against sore throat and colds, and it gives extraordinary results.

Protects the heart

Red onion controls hypertension and shields from coronary disease.