How To Look Fresh And Relaxed Only With Ice Cubes?


Specialists in the field of Cryotherapy guarantee youth, elasticity and freshness to the face twice a week if you apply massage with ice cubes.

Since centuries known miraculous effect of ice and snow. This is also the special technique developed to treat a cold, known as cryotherapy.

You need only a bowl of warm water, a soft cloth and ice cubes. Soak the towel in hot water, drain and cover her face and neck. Once the cloth is cool take cube ice and massage your face with it. Repeat this procedure several times.

Even better effect it will have if you use essential oils. Simply add water freezing a few drops of oil appropriate for your skin type.


For normal skin and oily:
In 250 ml of water
3 drops of sandalwood,
4 drops of pine
4 drops of peppermint oil

For dry skin:
4 drops of rose oil
3 drops of geranium oil
3 drops peppermint oil

Ice massage moisturizes the skin, toned and smooth. The pores are reduced and wrinkles become much smaller. Bad complexion and tired appearance eliminate and get a beautiful complexion, radiant and glowing skin. It is especially important procedure to apply after a night out. You will look quite fresh and relaxed.