If You Put Onion In Your Ear, This Is What Happens!

 Its good advice for all of us Natural remedies are the best when it comes to solving your physical woes. You don’t need some manufactured, synthetic medication.
A cold bath is a pretty traumatizing way to bring down a fever, especially for babies. A better way to get that temperature down is to put onion slices in their socks. After they’re in bed with their newest organic footwear, put a cloth soaked in apple-cider vinegar on their forehead.
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This Is What Happens When You Put An Onion In Your Ear Overnight
Onions are smelly and make you cry but they have a great side too. This amazing vegetable cures colds and in the most natural way possible. Boil an union in tea or literally eat an onion raw and watch yourself get better in a few hour.