How to get rid of bad breath?

When you have problems with bad breath in the mouth it is called halitosis. Alone you can not see because our senses.

This simple smoothie will help you get rid of odors and speed up metabolism.

If you have a problem with body odor, you know that it can’t be solved cosmetic preparations. Also it is about odor from mouth. No matter how often you use hygienic cleansers bacteria from the mouth or how often you go to the dentist, they do not help. The best way to solve these problem is on natural way.  This green smoothie will help you get rid of odors and also it helps to speed up metabolism.
– 3 big Apples
– 2 bunch parsley 2 squeezed lemon
– 2 bunch parsley
– 3 small piece ginger
– 12 leaf fresh ginger

The process is simple. First you need to wash the ingredients , and blend all of them. This juice is best to drink between meals or every morning on an empty stomach.