Deformed Bones From Tight Shoes. Say Goodbye To That


Deformed bones or joints in your hands or feet are a real chore, especially if you wear tight shoes.
In order to heal the pain, prepare the following  simple recipe.

You will need 10ml. iodine and 5 aspirin tablets.[the_ad id=”170″]

Method of preparations
In 10ml. tincture of iodine dissolve 5 aspirin tablets and mix until the mixture becomes colorless.


Then apply the mixture on the painful spots and wear socks or put gloves if you have a problem with hands. The goal is to warm the place. Stay with socks at night. Continue to use the recipe 2 weeks, without missing a single night. Then take a break of 1 month.

For best effect it is necessary to make 4 procedures like this and treatment will have a visible improvement of the situation and the pain completely disappear.