Cotton Swabs Are Dangerous For Your Health !!!

cotton swabs

Ears are very sensitive area and should be cleaned appropriately. There have been plenty of reports of people ending up in the hospital over careless cleaning with cotton swabs. Here are ways to help you with your ears.

  1. Pushing a cotton swab inside your ear canal can not only damage or tear your eardrum, but it can push earwax further inside and cause a blockage.

cotton swabs              2.When you clean your ears you should carefully remove the earwax towards the  ear opening. You should gently clean the outside of your ear without pushing the swab inside the canal.[the_ad id=”170″]

cotton swabs

            3.The earwax is produced only in the outer side of your ear canal so using a cotton swab is not a bad thing if your keep in on the out and not dig inside your ear.

           4.Using oils are an efficient way to clean your ears without leaving them too dry or hurt.

           5.The purpose of earwax is to clean and lubricate the canals of your ears with its antibacterial properties. It’s a part of your body’s defense system so it’s considered healthy to have a normal amount of it..