5 Warning Signs Your Tongue Is Sending About Your Health

There are a few symptoms which affect the tongue. Normally a healthy pink color and covered in a uniform layer of small bumps called papillae, a tongue with any unusual discoloration or growths  may be an early-warning sign for another more serious malady.

1.Canker Sores

If your immune system is working hard at fighting off a flu or cold , or maybe you have stressed period,you might be the victim of tongue canker sores. They can also pop up after consuming spicy food. They usually take 1 week to heal, so be patient and swish your mouth with salt water once a day to speed healing time.


2.Bald Tongue

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If your tongue is pale and smooth , you may have what is called atrophic glossitis, an inflammatory condition that causes that tongue’s papillae to shed and die , leaving behind a shiny, smooth tongue. This is usually caused by iron deficiency or B12 vitamin.

3.Geographic Tongue


This tongue type causes a map-like pattern of red spots to develop on the tongues surface. They will sometimes have a white border around them.

There is no symptom of geographic tongue, other than the fact that your tongue will look like a 3D map of hills mountains.

Some people do experience sensitivity when eating spicy, hot, salty  or acidic foods.

4.White Coated Tongue

Otherwise known as oral thrush – caused by the yeast Candida albicans. This looks like white patches on the tongue, and lesions can develop and bleed slightly when scraped. Get rid of Candida in your body by consuming a low-fat plant-based diet high in fruit and vegetables and limited (or no) fat intake for a week or two. Also take grapefruit seed extract daily.

5.Oral Fibroma

If you have a small, raised bump on the side of your tongue you probably have what is called an oral fibroma. This isn’t anything to be alarmed of – oral fibroma’s are simply a build-up of soft tissue, and are caused by repeated trauma to the lips, inside of the cheeks or tongue. If you have an odd bump in your mouth, I suggest getting it looked at to make sure it isn’t something more serious.