5 Super Foods That Make You Look Younger

These natural remedies help your skin defy time. You can use these type of foods if you are on diet  already! Here is what they are and how they fight across aging.

1) Grapefruit
The vitamin C  is packed in nutritious citrus fruit and promotes collagen growth, which helps prevent sagging skin.

2) Walnuts
This nut is high in omega-3 fatty acids and increase the moisture levels in your skin and help plump up wrinkles. Toss a few into your salad to reap the benefits.

3) Mozzarella Cheese
If you don’t have brighter-looking teeth, that can take years off your face. Foods like mozzarella have high in calcium, strengthen the enamel of your teeth and protect them. They also increase the production of saliva, which helps fight off yellowing bacteria.

4) Oatmeal
Not-instant versions of this favorite breakfast are packed with vitamin E and amino acids which combat sun damage, counteract aging free radicals and nourish your skin..

5) Coffee
Caffeine helps stimulate blood vessels and constrict to give skin a more even appearance. So savor that cup of joy—or take a few sips right before you want to look absolute best.