Beauty tricks with cheap products. For lips like Kylie’s use cinnamon


 At a time when we all want to have bigger lips, longer and stronger nails and no blisters, to  wear high heels without blisters, there are always welcome tricks that can achieve results quickly and cheaply. So, instead of paying a fortune for serum lip as Kylie and perfect nails, use the products that you have at home. 1. Soda bicarbonate can light your skin. Add 1 teaspoon in the gel that you use to clean the face and wash […]

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Deformed Bones From Tight Shoes. Say Goodbye To That


Deformed bones or joints in your hands or feet are a real chore, especially if you wear tight shoes. In order to heal the pain, prepare the following  simple recipe. You will need 10ml. iodine and 5 aspirin tablets.[the_ad id=”170″] Method of preparations In 10ml. tincture of iodine dissolve 5 aspirin tablets and mix until the mixture becomes colorless. Then apply the mixture on the painful spots and wear socks or put gloves if you have a problem with hands. […]

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