10 Hair Mistakes That Everybody Does- You Need To Stop Now

1. Layer it up!

Instead of packing on a thick coat of conditioner or moisturizer, use thin layers that will soak into your hair more easily to prevent over-use.

2. Flat-Iron Flaw

Flat ironing your hair every day is a sure-fire way to dry it out and damage your hair. Always use heat-absorbing products and make sure you moisturize your hair regularly!


3. The Detangle Angle

Wet a comb and run it through dry, frizzy hair. This will keep frizz at a minimum.

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4. Wash Him Right Out of Your Hair!

Using the proper shampoo for your hair type is crucial. Dry hair needs replenishing oil, and oily hair needs a more natural gentle shampoo.


5. Fancy Shmancy!

Barrettes and elastics do quite a bit of damage to hair, so avoid them when you can. Try wearing your hair down or choose soft elastics.


6. Wet Hair, Don’t You Dare!

Do not comb or detangle your hair when it’s wet because you’ll stretch and break the hair fibers. If you must get a tangle out, use a wide-tooth comb and be very gentle.


7. Get Trimmed!

Trimming about a quarter of an inch off your hair every month or so will keep the ends of your hair healthy and reduce split ends.

8. Get Out, Moisture!

A moisture lock-out spray works like a setting spray, but will hold all the moisture in your hair for longer, keeping your style!


9. Between Washes!

Dilute some conditioner and apply it to your dry hair. This helps moisturize hair between washes and helps tame frizz.

10. Find a Style!

Sometimes styling is the easiest way to go. Find a style that suits you, like a ponytail or braid, and sweep your hair back. It won’t get rid of dry frizz or unruly hair, but it can help disguise it for the day.